10 Tips for Yoga Practice

Yoga is offered in Matagorda, Texas both by Serenity Matagorda Isle & Matagorda Adventure Company.

Serentity Matagorda Isle is offering a December Yoga Package of Classes on Friday mornings, 9:30am-11:00am on December 2nd, 9th and the 16th.  The cost of the package- $60. More details & tickets can be purchased at  http://www.eventbrite.com and search Serenity Matagorda Isle Holiday Yoga package. You can also get drop-in tickets by clicking Here

Matagorda Adventure Company offers group and private yoga classes in Matagorda, Texas. They offer multiple group classes per week: Tuesdays 8:30-9:30am at Matagorda Beach, Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm at Matagorda school gym & Saturdays 8:30-9:3oam at Matagorda School gym. No advance reservation required for public group classes which are an affordable $20 per class (cash or credit card) or buy a 10 class punch card in advance for just $150 ($15 per class).  You can find out more information or sign up in advance at https://matagordaadventures.com/service/yoga-classes/



Yoga Tip #1: Yoga for the People
We believe all persons can benefit from yoga & design our classes so that even someone who has never taken yoga or hasn’t exercised in a while can participate. Yoga practice creates strength and flexibility in the physical body, but it also creates a sense of total awareness, promotes mental clarity, and aids in relaxation. We do recommend you talk with your doctor before starting any exercise program.
Yoga Tip #2: Focus on Your Breath
The goal of yoga is to breathe and work in a pain-free zone to gain strength & flexibility. Your teacher will use breath cues for different postures to help you achieve the maximum benefit. Generally speaking…
When going deeper in a pose or stretch, exhale. When you exhale, the lungs empty, making the torso more compact, so there is less physical mass between your upper and lower body as they move toward each other. The heart rate also slows on the exhalation, making it less activating than an inhalation and inducing a relaxation response.
When expanding the body, inhale.In a heart-opening backbend, for instance, you increase the space in your chest cavity, giving the lungs, rib cage, and diaphragm more room to fill with air. And heart rate speeds up on an inhalation, increasing alertness and pumping more blood to muscles. Poses that lift and open the chest are often the practice’s energizing components, so synchronizing them with inhalations takes optimum advantage of the breath’s effects on the body.
When twisting, exhale. In twists, the inhalation accompanies the preparation phase of the pose (lengthening the spine, etc.), and the exhalation is paired with the twisting action. Posturally, that’s because as your lungs empty there’s more physical space available for your rib cage to rotate further. But twists are also touted for their detoxifying effects, and the exhalation is the breath’s cleansing mechanism for expelling CO2.
Yoga Tip #3: Listen to Your Body
Listen to your body. It will tell you when to push forward and when to slow down. Let your teacher know before class if you are pregnant or have injures. Modified poses that keep you comfortable and avoid strain can be recommended.It’s OK to take a break. Feel comfortable doing so and remember everyone’s yoga path is unique.
Yoga Tip #4: Wear Comfortable Clothing
Wear comfortable clothing you can move in. From sweats to shorts and t-shirts, make sure your clothes won’t get in the way and offer the most mobility. You’ll sweat for sure, so synthetics are generally the best bet.
Yoga Tip #5: Show Up to Class!
Our energy levels & motivations can vary by the day & that’s quite ok. Just show up on your mat & do your best! Your body will thank you. The more you practice the faster you will see results, even if today’s practice isn’t as strong as last week. It’s about PROGRESS, not perfection.
Yoga Tip #6: Embrace Bare Feet
Yes! Many beginning yogis come to their mats wearing socks. You’ll be less stable in the standing poses with socks — so take those suckers off!
Yoga Tip #7: Non-comparison and Non-judgment
Don’t compare yourself to other yogis in the room and don’t judge yourself for not being able to do all the poses. Take things at your own pace. Really! This isn’t a competition. Take a break anytime you need to catch your breath by taking Child’s Pose (this relaxation pose will be covered in every class).
Yoga Tip #8: Bring a Sense of Humor
You may over exert yourself or completely fall out of a pose. No worries! That’s part of the process and the fun of it. Laugh it off, kick back into Child’s Pose or give it another shot.
Yoga Tip #9: Arrive on Time and Stay Until the End
Yoga is a progression, so you don’t want to miss the warm-up by arriving late or skip out early and miss the most important (and yummy) pose of them all: corpse pose. looks like adult nap time, but its feels wonderfully relaxing. It is designed to give the body a chance to regroup and reset itself after a practice.
Yoga Tip #10: Bring a Water Bottle & Stay Hydrated
It’s okay to take sips of water during class. The importance of hydration cannot be overemphasized, as a hydrated body allows the joints to move more fluidly & can help prevent injury. Drink water both before, during & after class.